• Service description

    The State Treasury will compensate the occupational diseases to persons with a Government employment relationship.

    In addition, occupational diseases of subsidised employees in work trial or on-the-job coaching, as well as of uninsured contract fire department members, are compensated.

    The compensations are based on the accident and occupational disease legislation.

  • Preconditions for receiving compensation

    According to the Workers’ Compensation Act, an occupational disease is an illness that has likely been caused by primarily physical, chemical or biological factors at work.
    The most common occupational diseases include hearing defects, dermatitis and pulmonary diseases. According to the Workers’ Compensation Act, certain painful conditions of the upper limbs are also decreed compensable.

    The service covers, among others,

    * Government employees,
    * occupational diseases of subsidised employees in work trial or on-the-job coaching, and
    * occupational diseases of uninsured contract fire department members.

  • What to do

    1. Notify the accident ombudsman of your agency or a representative of your employer of the accident immediately.
    2. The accident ombudsman or a representative of your employer will notify the State Treasury of the accident. You do not need to send a notification of claim yourself.
    3. Start using the Suomi.fi Messages service, which is an information secure way of sending and receiving messages from the public administration and other organisations which use the service. When you are a user of the Suomi.fi Messages, the State Treasury’s services are quicker to use. You can contact the State Treasury customer service via the Suomi.fi Messages service.
    4. The State Treasury will examine whether your matter should be compensated by the state or another insurance institution. The competent insurance institution will then notify you of the initiation of the proceedings in your matter and the investigation will begin without delay, in no later than 7 weekdays.

    A decision must be issued within 30 days after the necessary reports have been delivered to the insurance institution.

  • What will be compensated

    Compensations paid under the Workers’ Compensation Act include

    • medical expenses
    • the immediate travel expenses caused by medical care
    • compensation for the loss of earnings paid as daily allowance, worker’s compensation pension, and rehabilitation allowance for the duration of vocational rehabilitation
    • compensation for a general permanent functional limitation that is the result of an injury or illness.

    If a notification of claim has already been filed, you can report any medical, medication and travel costs accrued later without needing to file another notification of claim. Bottom left: Customer services – Occupational accidents and diseases.