The State Treasury is an agency operating under the Ministry of Finance (VM).

“Our service promise:
Our services are user-friendly, clear, and easily accessible to our clients.”

We are in charge of government borrowing, the investment of cash assets and government debt risk management.

We manage accident compensation payments to government employees, disburse compensation payments to citizens for military injuries and criminal damage, for example, and administer loans, interest subsidies and parliamentary loan guarantees granted from government funds.

Our tasks also include government group accounts and the management of financial administration and payment transactions. We also support central government organisations in the transformation of work, promote knowledge-based management and develop the collection of financial data for municipalities.

We serve central government, citizens, the municipal sector, communities and companies.

The State Treasury consists of sectors and their support activities. The Director General is in charge of the State Treasury. The Director General, heads of State Treasury divisions and a personnel representative form the management group. Read more about our organization here >

The agency was founded in 1876. It employs approximately 300 people. Our offices are located in Hakaniemi in Helsinki at Sörnäisten rantatie 13.

Our operating principle

We are a reliable administrator of government finances and compensation services, and a partner in administrative development.

Our values

The State Treasury’s values are ensuring the best interests of society and our clients and the well-being and development of our personnel.

These values guide all State Treasury operations. They are manifested in the decisions, operations and operating models carried out by the State Treasury, taking the principles of sustainable development into account.

Our objectives

Our operating policies are:

  1. We ensure the availability of the state’s financial services in all circumstances.
  2. We provide crisis-resistant compensation services.
  3. We produce reliable group services for public administration.
  4. We deliver excellent client and staff experiences.
  5. We operate effectively and responsibly.


Where else can I find information about the State Treasury?

You can read more about the  activities of the State Treasury in our publications, for example >