The State Treasury consists of divisions and their support activities. The Director General is in charge of the State Treasury. The Director General, heads of State Treasury divisions and a personnel representative form the management group.

Organisation of the State Treasury

Management group



  • Services for Citizens Division

    The Services for Citizens Division is responsible for providing many different services related to compensation and accidents. Our customers include disabled war veterans and other citizens, authorities, companies and corporations. We develop our services in an agile manner, listening to our customers.

  • Finance Division

    The Finance Division is responsible for government lending, government borrowing, and the risk management of central government debt. We ensure that the government’s financial services function at a high standard in all conditions.

  • Government Finance Administration, Information and Working Life Management Division

    The Finance Administration, Information and Working Life Management Division produces high-quality services for the development of public finances and working life at the central government and promotes knowledge management. Among other things, we are responsible for the central government’s group accounts and the steering and development of financial administration, payment transactions and procurements at the central government. We compile and publish financial information on municipalities and wellbeing services counties. We support the capacity for renewal, responsibility and sustainable development of central government organisations.

  • Government grant services

    In the government grant services area, we serve those applying for government grants and the government grant authorities granting them. We produce the online services related to the application and processing of grants and are responsible for developing them and providing user support. We also help ministries and authorities channelling EU recovery funding and monitor the use of the funds in the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

  • Support activities

    Administration and Development Division

    The Administration and Development Division is responsible for the State Treasury’s internal services and joint development. Our duties include the accounting tasks of the State Treasury, such as financial, personnel and general administration at the agency level, document management and secretary services, employer tasks concerning the State Treasury, risk management and the State Treasury’s joint communications.

    ICT Management Division

    The ICT Management Division is responsible for the State Treasury’s shared ICT services and information security. We are continuously improving the efficiency of our core operations and enabling the benefits of digitalisation for both our internal and external customers. Agility and the secure use of modern technologies are at the core of our operations; this is just one of the reasons we are pioneers of cloud technology in central government.

    Internal auditing

    Internal auditing is an objective function independent of the rest of the organisation, which supports the management of the State Treasury and its divisions in attaining their goals. Through inspection and consulting services, the function helps to develop the efficiency, expediency and sufficiency of the risk management, internal monitoring and operations of the State Treasury.