The State Treasury carries out meaningful work for the benefit of the Finnish society. Working with us offers a vantage point to the entire central government. Many of the tasks we are responsible for are laid down in legislation.

Our culture is open and conversational. We give particularly high ratings for our work community's operating culture, cooperation and opportunities for exerting influence. The content of the work and the possibilities of reconciling work and life are also considered good. (Source: central government’s survey on wellbeing at work) Work at the State Treasury is versatile and responsible. We employ professionals from different fields, such as finance and debt servicing experts, workplace developers, lawyers, data analysts, communications experts and claims processors. We have modern tools at our disposal, and everyday work is carried out vigorously in a developing and encouraging atmosphere. We encourage and support everyone in developing their own competence. All new State Treasury employees will be introduced through our Sujuva startti introduction programme. The foundation for wellbeing at the State Treasury is an open, collaborative and fair work community. It is important for us that everyone knows the goals of the work we do, gets their voice heard and can influence their own and our joint work. Our comprehensive occupational health care and the employer also support lunch meals. Remote work is possible in the majority of tasks. We also promote the reconciliation of work and life through flexible working time arrangements. Virkut, the State Treasury's recreational commission, is active in organising various events. Personnel’s hobby clubs offer fun breaks and an opportunity to get to know your colleagues beyond work tasks. Everyone can use the sports or cultural benefits offered by the employer as they wish. Those who cycle to work have access to bicycle storages, showers and changing rooms. You can also break a sweat at the gym located at the office. If you need to ride a short distance during the workday, you can borrow a company Jopo.


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