VacanciesYou can find all vacancies at the State Treasury on this page, the government recruitment service ( and the website of the TE Services ( We often also advertise in Helsingin Sanomat, where you will find all ‘Vaikuta valtiolla’ notices for government vacancies  under the ‘Avoimet virat’ section after the vacancies section. We may also post vacancies on Oikotie or in trade magazines. You can apply for vacancies by following the instructions on the postings.

You may also submit an open application. Please note, however, that open applications may only be used for applying to internships and summer jobs. We cannot consider open applications when filling public posts.

On your open application, you must indicate the types of tasks you are interested in and what kind of expertise you have to offer. Attach a CV to your application.

Remote work in the State Treasury

Remote work is possible in the vast majority of the State Treasury’s functions. The suitability for and the amount of remote work, working times etc., are always agreed on depending on the task. The recruiting supervisor can tell you about the suitability of remote work in the task that is being sought.

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