Sivi PalménSivi Palmén

I work as a Finance Specialist in the Front Office of the State Treasury’s Finance Division in tasks involving government debt servicing. As a member of the team I conclude transactions involving government debt issues, government cash management and the group’s currency transactions on the financial markets. I also manage investor relations.

The State Treasury offers you a chance to familiarise yourself with central government finances and borrowing and the functioning of the financial markets at a concrete level. The State Treasury has partners in many areas in both Finland and in other countries, and we are engaged in a continuous dialogue with them.

‘In this work you must be able to solve problems quickly’

In this work you must have the ability to react quickly to changes, a quick problem-solving capability and good language skills. This work involves many different tasks and international contacts, which means that you need a broad range of different skills. I am a Master of Arts and a Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) by training. I have been working in the State Treasury since 2010. That year, I came here to do my practical training as part of my university studies.

A hint for newcomers in the State Treasury: Specialists and top professionals in a broad range of different fields work in the different divisions of the State Treasury. So, don’t be scared if you don’t learn the tasks of the different divisions at once. You will be able to see the whole entity with time.

The best thing about the State Treasury is the pleasant and highly professional working community. I have also been provided with opportunities for personal development. For example, I have worked in the Swedish National Debt Office in Stockholm for a brief period as part of an exchange programme for public servants. I have enjoyed my work in the State Treasury and the future looks good.

Netta KokkoNetta Kokko

I work as a customer relations manager in the Customer Service Team of the State Treasury’s Services for Citizens Division. The division provides services for military injuries, occupational accident and criminal damage customers and disabled war veterans. In addition to customer service, we also process compensation claims, register accidents and cases of damage and deal with preliminary processes.

In this work you need customer service and supervisory skills and you must also be able to enjoy working with other people.

‘You must also be able to enjoy working with other people’

I am a Bachelor of Social Services by training. Since I started working as a customer relations manager, I have taken part in a number of courses for supervisors. The State Treasury has provided ample opportunities for training and in other respects, too, it has helped and supported me in my development as supervisor.

Before the State Treasury, I worked for about three years in the private sector, in the Tapiola insurance company. Broad-ranging and challenging tasks and easy commuting attracted me to the State Treasury. I started in the State Treasury in spring 2006. Before my appointment as customer relations manager, I worked as a claims processor handling criminal damage matters.

The best thing about the State Treasury is the flexibility shown by the employer. This is really good for people like me who have a family, because reconciling the needs of the work with the needs of your private life is often quite a balancing act. It is also great that here in the State Treasury we constantly strive to develop the way in which we work and that there are so many new things to learn.

Where will I be and what will I be doing five years from now? I hope that I have progressed in my career in the State Treasury or elsewhere in central government.