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Law on cost support approved by Parliament

On November 27, Parliament approved the Government’s proposal to amend the law on fixed-term cost support for companies.

According to the new law, the support period for cost support is June 1-October 31, 2020. Cost support covers those industries in which the turnover of the support period is at least 10% lower than the turnover of the comparison period. The sectors covered by cost support will be specified in a subsequent Government decree. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will report on the progress of the situation.

As a result of the change in the law, the new cost support differs in some respects from the cost support that could be applied for last summer.

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What happens next?

The State Treasury handles the processing of cost support applications and the payment of support.

The law and decree are expected to be adopted in mid-December. The State Treasury aims to start processing electronic applications at the end of December. We will notify you of the start of the application period as soon as it is confirmed.

The cost support telephone service opens on December 14.

Companies can prepare for the start of the application period, read the instructions here >

Check out the FAQ for the second application round of cost support >

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