Updating report on business cost support

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Information on cost support and decisions

An electronic application for fixed-term business cost support opened on July 7th 2020.

During the first application day, The State Treasury received over 1,000 applications for cost support.

By July 27, there had been 6083 applications received and 5598 applications resolved. The average processing time is a few days. The processing time for applications requiring more work is about a week. Approximately 27 million in cost support has been paid.

Why were there applications rejected?

The State Treasury grants cost support on the basis of conditions specified by law.

Most of the rejected applications were rejected because the amount to be paid was less than 2,000 euros. According to the law, the minimum support to be paid is 2,000 euros.

Some of the applications were rejected because the company applying for support worked in a field that is not covered by the act and had not provided justification for the application. If the company’s main field is not covered by the act, by law the support can only be granted for particularly serious reasons related to the corona pandemic and reported by the company.

Some of the companies that applied for support had received support from another source. By law, part of the aid granted by other actors is deducted from the cost support, in which case there may not be cost support left to pay. In some of the applications, support was applied for on the basis of costs which, according to the law, are not reimbursable fixed costs.