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Applying for cost support from the State Treasury has began

The application for cost support started at the State Treasury today, 26 April at 9 am. The application period continues until 21 May 2022.

Business cost support primarily intended for tourism, restaurant and event companies that have suffered from less restrictive measures. A company whose operations or a significant part of its customer base has been subject to restrictions may also apply for business cost support.

Cost support is intended for companies that meet the following conditions:

  • The company’s main sector of business as reported to the Tax Administration on 1 June 2021 is within the scope of the support. If the company’s sector of business is not covered by the support but other conditions of the support are met, the support may be granted on a discretionary basis, if the company or its customer base has been subject to a restriction under public law in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. See sectors covered by the support >
  • The company’s turnover has decreased by more than 25 % compared to the reference period.
  • The company has salary and fixed expenses that are difficult to adjust.

In addition to companies, foundations and associations with business can apply for support. The size or form of the companies is not limited. However, the company must have a Business ID.

The State Treasury helps

The State Treasury’s website at contains a wealth of information, frequently asked questions and comprehensive instructions for filling in the application. In addition, applicants have a cost support calculator that allows them to estimate the amount of support to be paid.

Expenditure support applications and decisions are published on the State Treasury’s website. From the page, you can monitor, for example, the stage of processing applications and reporting information on applications and their processing. The first statistics for the search will be published the day after the search starts.

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