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Frequently asked questions about business cost support (second round of application)

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The first round of application for cost support was open until 31 August 2020. The second round of application for cost support will begin at the end of 2020.

Do you have any questions about business cost support that relate to the second round of applications? You can send us your questions via the link below. We will show the replies to these questions on this page so that others can access them as well.

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General information on cost support
Conditions for receiving cost support
Applying for cost support

General information on cost support

Why is there a second round of application?
The government issued a proposal for the continuation of cost support on 29 October 2020. Amendments to the cost support system have been proposed in order to better meet the needs of companies, as the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic will continue to be difficult for a number of sectors in autumn 2020.

How is the support changing?
Amendments have been proposed to make the cost support fit better with business needs. However, the basic principles for the support remain unchanged.

How large is the cost support?
There is no precise information about this yet as the bill is still being discussed by Parliament.

Conditions for receiving cost support

How will the support be allocated in the second round?
The intention for the second round of application is to continue to direct the support towards operational businesses and the expenses they face difficulties in covering by expanding and further specifying the expenses that can be covered and by extending the period of support. These measures aim to support companies facing a variety of different situations to adapt their operations in a future-orientated manner.

Will support already received influence the amount of support in the second round?
The bill proposes that cost support may be applied for even if the company has already received other direct support aimed at alleviating the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the support already granted is taken into account in determining the amount of the cost support, and the total amount of the support may not exceed EUR 800,000. This limit applies to both companies and corporate groups. The maximum amount of support per company is laid down in the European Commission’s regulations on temporary State aid.

Applying for cost support

Where can I apply for support?
As with the first round of application, companies apply for support from the State Treasury.

How do I apply for support?
Applications are made online via the State Treasury webpage once the second round of application begins. We will inform you of the more detailed schedule as soon as it is available.


When will the second round of application begin?
The bill is currently being discussed by Parliament. The aim is to bring the legislative amendments into force in December 2020 and to open the round of application for cost support at the end of December. There may still be changes made to the Government proposal during the parliamentary proceedings.

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