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Accidents of contract fire brigade members

  • Filling out accident reports on the service will end starting from March 1. New instructions for completing an accident report can be found under the section What to do.

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  • Service description

    The State Treasury may pay compensation to a contract fire brigade member for an occupational accident or occupational disease under the Rescue Act if you are not entitled to compensation under other legislation. Compensation from state funds is paid in accordance with the criteria laid down in the Employment Accidents Insurance Act.

    If you are paid for your work in the contract fire brigade, the accident compensation is paid from your employer’s insurance company under the Employment Accidents Insurance Act. In this case, the fire brigade or regional rescue department will take care of your accident insurance.

  • Preconditions for receiving compensation

    An accident refers to a sudden and unforeseen event arising from an external factor that causes the employee to be injured or develop an illness.

    Under the Rescue Act, compensation can be paid to those who

    • have taken independent rescue measures on the basis of their duty to act;
    • are part of a contract fire brigade or other entity that has concluded a contract, but are not entitled to compensation under the Employment Accidents Insurance Act;
    • has been ordered to assist in rescue operations;
    • is voluntarily involved in rescue operations; or
    • has been ordered to undergo civil defence training.

    More information on the Rescue Act.

    Compensation is paid for an accident that occurs to a contract fire brigade member in

    • rescue or first response operations;
    • training activities;
    • property and equipment management;
    • physical education; or
    • participating in a competition or show involving the duties of the fire brigade.

    Members of the Women’s and Youth Division of the contract fire brigade are covered only if they are also participating in rescue operations.


  • Compensations

    Compensations paid under the Workers’ Compensation Act include:

    • medical expenses
    • the immediate travel expenses caused by medical care
    • compensation for the loss of earnings paid as daily allowance, worker’s compensation pension, and rehabilitation allowance for the duration of vocational rehabilitation
    • compensation for a general permanent functional limitation that is the result of an injury or illness.

  • What to do

    In case of an occupational accident, you must always notify the State Treasury. Fill in the accident report or contact the State Treasury’s compensation service by email at or by phone at +358 295 502 738.

    • Get a doctor’s appointment.
    • After the accident, fill in the accident report or contact the State Treasury’s compensation service.
    • Attach a copy of the fire brigade agreement between the regional rescue services and the contract fire brigade to the accident report.
    • Send the completed accident report to the State Treasury via the Turvaviesti service or by mailing a printed copy to the address PO Box 200, 00054 State Treasury
    • You will receive the State Treasury’s decision by post.

    Request a payment commitment in advance if you need further treatment, procedure or imaging.