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State Treasury receives an honorable mention in the Quality Innovation Awards

The State Treasury has received significant recognition in Excellence Finland’s Quality Innovation Award competition. The competition, which has been running since 2007, highlights new high-quality innovations.

The awards were announced on World Quality Day on November 12, 2020.

Participants were evaluated on the basis of novelty value, usability, learning, customer orientation and performance.

Involvement is central

The State Treasury’s award-winning innovation “Public Administration’s Mythbreakers – Case Cost Support” was a new way of launching services in public administration. The service combined business, information management and legislation with agile development methods.

“Involving staff and sharing responsibilities made it possible to introduce a new approach that could respond quickly and in a timely manner to a societal, topical need in a crisis situation. Customer orientation was achieved by involving customers and stakeholders extensively in the development of the service,” the jury justified its decision.

The jury drew attention to the fact that the model developed by the State Treasury enables the provision of a statutory service quickly and efficiently, especially in crisis situations.

Agile and up-to-date operating methods

The State Treasury is pleased with the honorable mention, which is a significant recognition of the State Treasury’s operating culture.

“Customer-orientation, digitalisation, teleworking and agile work have been key denominators at the State Treasury for several years,” says Head of Division, Jyri Tapper.

These practices have provided a cultural and operational framework that allowed us to act differently and launch the service in public administration in a new way.

Innovations are emerging in the public sector

Many thanks also go to the State Treasury’s partners. Without flexible and developing cooperation, we would not have succeeded in this.

“We thank you very much for this recognition. This shows that the development of a public sector management and operating culture is not only extremely topical, but also the most fertile ground for innovation, ”says project manager Laura Sorva.

We dedicate this recognition to all our colleagues in public administration who strive for the common good every day.

The common development journey continues.

More information

Jyri Tapper, Head of Division, tel. +358 29 550 2950
Laura Sorva, Project manager, tel. +358 295 502 033

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