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Overview on Business Cost Support

The application period for business cost support ended three weeks ago. The State Treasury still processes the last applications, mainly received by post.

A total of 12,875 applications were received. About 97% of the applications were submitted electronically. The average processing time for applications received through the application channel was 1–4 days, and by the end of August, more than 90% of the applications had been processed.

The cost support application process was quick and clear

The State Treasury was tasked with implementing the cost support application and payment process. The criteria for allocating the aid were based on the law and regulation on cost support.

As a joint effort of the State Treasury and the partners, the electronic application channel was opened and customers were able to apply for cost support one week after the law came into force. The State Treasury’s goal was to make it as easy as possible for companies and organizations in difficult situations to apply for support. This was ensured, among other things, by testing the electronic application with customers. Based on the feedback provided by customers and, among others, we succeeded in developing an application method that was clear and easy to use.

Integration of corona subsidies

The State Treasury will integrate other subsidies related to the corona situation with the business cost support. This means that other subsidies are deducted from the cost support in full or in part in accordance with the law.

The State Treasury can start the integration once all the subsidies, which a company has applied for have been granted. The application period for some forms of financial support is still open and applications are being processed. In case the company has been granted other subsidies related to the COVID19 pandemic after having received the cost support, the company may itself contact the State Treasury to coordinate different forms of support.

More detailed information on the integration of subsidies can be found on the State Treasury’s website.

Current statistics

Approximately EUR 122 million in cost support has now been paid.

Almost 13,000 companies applied for support. To date, 12,730 companies have received a decision. An updated report on cost support can be found on the State Treasury’s website.

Information for the media

Jyri Tapper, Head of Division, tel. +358 295 502 950
Tuomo Yliluoma, Service Manager, tel. +358 295 503349

Cost support customer service

Cost support customer service is available on 0295 59 305 on weekdays from 9:00 to 15:00.

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