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Old manuals page decommissioned – replaced with Stipulations and instructions page

As part of the State Treasury’s website update, the online handbook for central government financial and personnel administration has also been updated. The old page was decommissioned at the start of September and replaced with the new Stipulations and instructions page, which can be found on our website under Public administration services.

Documents being converted into websites

This website update is a major leap forward, as stipulations, instructions and other documents that were previously published as PDF files are now being converted, i.e. automatically transformed, into websites. This will significantly improve the accessibility of our documents, although some older documents will have to be provided as PDF files in the future as well. In connection with the conversion, we have had to make some changes to the original documents, which are marked in the documents in italics. Such changes include references to numbered chapters in the documents’ tables of contents (the conversion removes numbering from tables of contents). The update will also involve the building of a version management solution for the documents, making it easy to move from a repealed document to more up-to-date versions and vice versa when searching for documents.

Implementation based on search

The implementation is based on a search page, which can be used to search for documents by document type, category and date, as well as free text search. Accompanying notes and attachments to documents as well as any frequently asked questions are provided along with the documents in question.

Charts of accounts as an attachment to the order issued concerning the accounts (PDF)

Charts of accounts (5- and 8-digit) are published as an attachment to the order issued concerning the accounts in question. The attachment can be found on the right-hand side of the document under Archived attachments.

How is the implementation? Give feedback

You can give us feedback about the website via the accompanying link. Providing feedback will only take a few minutes. Give feedback (in Finnish) >

Payment Transactions extranet also replaced with new solution

As part of our website update, the Payment Transactions extranet site was closed at the end of June. From now on, State Treasury material related to payment transaction services and cash management can be found in the new State payment transactions and cash management workspace, which is intended for the authorities only. These documents are also listed on the new Stipulations and instructions page, which includes links to the new workspace.

Read more about the website update >

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