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Payment Transactions extranet to be closed at the end of June and replaced by a Tiimeri workspace

The State Treasury has been updating its online services in the spring, as part of which the Payment Transactions extranet site will be closed at the end of June.

From now on, State Treasury material related to payment transaction services and cash management (including stipulations, instructions and forms) can be found in the new State payment transactions and cash management workspace, which is intended for the authorities only. The new service is  a Tiimeri workspace solution provided by Valtori, which is based on Microsoft’s SharePoint technology.

All active users of the Payment Transactions extranet have been provided with access rights to the new workspace. While the workspace is already accessible, some material may be unavailable until the transfer of materials is completed at the end of June.

Most organisations can easily log in to the new workspace via Virtu authentication. Valtori’s instructions for logging in to the system have been provided to the users of the website separately.

Payment transaction and cash management documents are also listed on the State Treasury’s new Stipulations and instructions page, which includes links to the new workspace. Read more about the Handbook site update >

If you are an existing user of the Payment Transactions extranet but no longer need access to the material in question, you can request the revocation of your access rights by sending a message to

For more information on the change, please contact

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