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Impacts of Posti’s strike on the State Treasury’s services

Posti’s postal services strike is scheduled to begin on Monday 11 November and last until 24 November 2019. For the State Treasury, this means that the agency will not receive normal daily postal deliveries and will also not be able to send out any outgoing mail.

You can still use the majority of our services by contacting us via e-mail or telephone. You can find service-specific e-mail addresses and phone numbers on the dedicated page of each service on our website, in the lower left-hand corner of the page. Our general e-mail address is Our switchboard number is +358 (0)295 50 2000.

Claims for compensation

Compensation claims should preferably be submitted to the State Treasury using the online forms available on our website ( under each service. Claims for which a dedicated online form is not yet available can be prepared using a PDF form provided by the State Treasury and submitted as secure mail attachments (further details below).

Send secure mail to us to the address if your matter pertains to attachments or additional accounts related to

  • penalty fees (motor third party liability insurance and employer’s accident insurance premiums)
  • traffic damage
  • exemption issues
  • travel insurance matters
  • compensation for trial delays
  • inheritance matters, i.e. people who have died without heirs and last will matters
  • a claim for criminal damage compensation
  • a military accident
  • military injury and war veteran matters
  • a compensation claim for wrongful imprisonment
  • an occupational accident
  • matters covered by the State’s liability.

Delays related to deadlines

The State Treasury will take the impacts of the strike into account as regards deadlines and appeal periods. A body of appeal independent from the State Treasury will assess the impacts of the strike on any appeals against decisions made by the State Treasury.

Target group: Private individuals

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