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Compensation for health care costs

When a journey abroad is meant to last for over three months, the public official is entitled to compensation for any reasonable personal health care costs. A family member is also similarly entitled to compensation when their stay in the destination country is meant to last for at least six months. The following are compensated as health care costs:

Treatments related to an illness or suspected illness that are given or prescribed by a doctor

The treatment and examination must be prescribed by a doctor. Any necessary examinations connected to the diagnosis and determination of treatment of the illness are also compensated in addition to the treatment. For non-urgent medical care, the State Treasury has the right to define where the care will take place. If the person wants to go to another medical facility that does not belong to the State Treasury’s medical partnership network, a proposal on the medical facility must be submitted to the State Treasury, if necessary. If it would be more practical and cost-effective to arrange the medical procedure in Finland or in a third country, any travel expenses are also compensated as health care costs.
The following will not compensated as health care costs:

  • Physical therapy or physiotherapy
  • Other forms of therapy (e.g. psychotherapy or occupational therapy)
  • A medical examination that has been performed by a doctor to assess the person’s general health and not due to a suspected illness
  • Screenings (e.g. mammography)
  • Medicines or travel expenses
  • Health care-related equipment and aids (e.g. wheelchair, crutches, glasses)

However, costs incurred by check-ups and health services comparable to those provided by child health clinics and school health care to a minor child, e.g. speech therapy, are compensated as health care costs.

Treatment caused by pregnancy and childbirth or the expenses of the person giving birth travelling to their home country as well as the travel expenses of the person who has given birth and their infant back to the destination country

The starting point for the compensation level of pregnancy monitoring expenses is the level of the Finnish child welfare clinic system. When selecting the place of birth, get in touch with the State Treasury well in advance, and at least three months before your due date. If it is more appropriate for the child to be born in the mother’s home country than in the destination country, the mother will be reimbursed for her trip to her home country as well as for her and her infant’s travel expenses back to the destination country. No housing expenses or expenses caused by the delivery of a baby in your home country will be reimbursed.

Treatment of a dental disease that has been prescribed by a doctor and that is necessary for the treatment of another illness

The starting point is that no adult dental care is to be reimbursed. Compensation for any dental care that was necessary during the journey can be applied for from Kela. However, any dental care that is necessary for the treatment of some other illness is compensated as health care costs. For example, dental care that is required before a surgery can be reimbursed. The dental care of children is compensated to the extent that any similar treatment is free of charge to minors in Finland. Orthodontic treatment is compensated if the child would be eligible for free orthodontic treatment in their home municipality if they were living in Finland. Please ask for a statement on the need for treatment from the doctor in charge of orthodontic treatment in the home municipality of the child (this should be in English).  You must also contact the State Treasury in advance if you feel that there is need for orthodontic treatment.

Vaccinations and similar measures that prevent illnesses

Vaccinations that are subject to compensation include the vaccinations that are part of Finland’s national vaccination programme as well as the vaccinations that are required for the diseases that are present in the destination country as well as other similar forms of protection, such as preventive medication for malaria. Vaccinations required by a day-care centre and school are also covered. Vaccinations related to holiday trips or vaccinations taken in Finland prior to or after the journey are not covered by the State travel protection.

Expenses caused by measures that help maintain or restore a public official’s ability to work

Expenses caused by a service that is necessary for the maintenance or restoration of a public official’s ability to work are reimbursed to the extent that such activities are included as part of the State’s occupational health care services in Finland. When necessary, the State Treasury will request a statement on whether the service is subject to compensation from the public official’s employer office’s occupational health care unit. This is why you must contact the State Treasury in advance if you feel that you need a service that is related to your ability to work.

Preliminary decision

If you need a preliminary decision, please attach a medical certificate or other report on the need for treatment to the section “Additional information and attachments”. A preliminary decision must be requested where the expected cost of non-urgent care exceeds EUR 1,000. A preliminary decision must be requested at least for:

  • non-urgent imaging examinations
  • orthodontics of children
  • organising the monitoring of a pregnancy and a delivery
  • non-urgent surgical and hospital care
  • a journey outside the host country for health care purposes.

Apply for a preliminary decision by contacting the emergency travel service or fill in the application form in the e-service
In order to be given a preliminary decision, you will need to show a medical certificate or other report on the need for treatment.


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