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Additional information to a business cost support application can now be submitted in the e-service

The State Treasury has opened the possibility for companies to provide additional information to an electronic application for business cost support.

In the service, the customer can electronically declare additional information requested by the State Treasury. The service can also be used to correct incorrect information that has already been declared. The additional information declaration can be completed by anyone authorized to represent the company. Thus, the person providing the additional information does not have to be the same person who originally completed the application.

The additional information declaration can be filled in by:

• A person who has the authority to sign for a company

• Managing Director (TJ)

• Deputy Managing Director (TJS)

• Trader (ELI)

• Building Manager (IS)

• Full-time Building Manager (PIS)

A person who has the following role entered in the Finnish Register of Associations may act on behalf of an association: other signatory who has the right to represent the association alone. A company may also authorize another person to do business in e-Authorizations service.

When you respond to a request for additional information through our e-service, the matter will be processed as smoothly as possible. The application number must also be stated on the e-service form.

Go to e-service:

Cost support: providing additional information

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