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State Treasury’s review on cost support

The State Treasury has coordinated the subsidies granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Business Finland and ELY Centre in connection with the corona pandemic with the fixed-term business cost support.

The cost support that could be applied for from the State Treasury from 7 July to 31 August 2020 was intended for companies and associations whose turn-over had fallen significantly due to the coronavirus and which had costs that were difficult to adjust.

The State Treasury’s task is to coordinate other subsidies related to the coro-navirus situation granted to companies in 2020 with the companies’ business cost support. This means that other subsidies are deducted from the cost sup-port in full or in part in accordance with the law.

New support decisions made due to coordination

There were 364 cases coordinated with cost support as a result of subsidies granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Business Finland (BF) and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY). An additional cost support was paid to 18 companies totaling approximately 23,000 euros. A total of about EUR 3.8 million had to be recovered from 350 companies, on average about 11,000 euros per company.

The recovery is due to the fact that the company did not state that it had ap-plied for other subsidies when the cost support was applied for, the support decision of the other granting authority was not ready at the time the cost sup-port was granted or the amount indicated in the application was inconsistent with the support decision.

The coordination work will continue until the beginning of 2021

Of the restaurant subsidies granted by the KEHA Centre (Development and Administration centre for ELY Centres and TE Offices), where the application period for re-employment support continued until the end of October, the State Treasury has coordinated the subsidies granted to companies that were known in connection with the processing of the cost support application. For this form of support, the examination is expected to continue at the State Treasury until the beginning of 2021.

The State Treasury is preparing for the second application round for cost support

The law on new cost support has been approved on 25 November 2020 and is expected to be confirmed on 15 December 2020. Payment of cost support can only start once the law and decree have been confirmed. The State Treasury is currently preparing to open the second round of cost support ap-plications.

The application for cost support is submitted electronically, and the electronic application is modified for the second application round. In addition to fast ser-vice, we aim to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to apply for cost support. The cost support application has been tested with the client jury to ensure clarity, and good feedback has been received.

The application is also facilitated by the fact that no attachments need to be attached to the application. We get the necessary information directly from the tax administration.

This is how we communicate

The State Treasury is working to open a cost support application before Christmas. Information on cost support can be found on this page. We an-nounce the opening of the application period on our website and on our social media channels.

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