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PRESS RELEASE: Part of the cost support applications for reprocessing

The State Treasury has detected a technical error in the salary data used in the processing of cost support, as a result of which some cost support applications will be processed again. We apologize for the inconvenience.  

The salary data used in the calculation of the cost support from April and May 2020 had been extracted from the income register data based on the day of payment instead of the salary payment period. This matter concerns a small number of cost support customers. For some customers, reprocessing means that the amount of cost support granted will increase. For some customers, part of the cost support will have to be recovered. 

All companies subject to reprocessing are known to the State Treasury. The State Treasury is in direct contact with these companies. Companies do not have to make a new application themselves, nor do they have to contact the State Treasury themselves. New decisions will be prepared without delay. 

Applying for cost support will continue as normal 

The cost support application process will continue as normal. There are still four weeks left to apply. We hope that all applicants who meet the criteria set by law will apply for cost support. Instructions for searching can be found on our website. Our customer service helps via phone and chat. 

The telephone support for cost support is available on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm on 0295 50 3050.  

For more information: 

Timo Laitinen, Director General, tel. +358 295 50 2200 

Jyri Tapper, Head of Division, tel. +358 295 503 349 

Satu Vallivaara, Deputy Director, tel. +358 295 503 347 

 Pekka Syrjänen, Head of Legal Affairs, tel. +358 295 502 773 

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What caused the error?

The salary information is correct in the income register, but there has been an error in retrieving it from the income register for the purpose of processing the cost cost support. As a result, the decision uses information according to the payment date, not the pay period.

Payment period of the recoverable cost support?

30 days from the notification of the decision.

Can I pay in installments??

The recoverable cost support is, in principle, paid to the State Treasury in one go. If the company needs to pay the recoverable cost support in several installments, the company must contact the State Treasury’s customer service

Does it lead to foreclosure if the amount is not paid? 

Yes, a final recovery decision is enforceable.

If I appeal to the administrative court, do I have to pay before that?

No. The company must file an appeal with the administrative court against the recovery decision that it considers to be incorrect within 30 days of receiving the decision.

Is interest accruing?

The company does not have to pay interest on the amount to be recovered.

No interest is accrued during the appeal process.

Interest accrues if you fail to pay.

Recipients of discretionary Government transfer must pay an annual interest in accordance with section 3(2) of the Interest Act (633/1982) plus 3 percentage points on the amount to be repaid or clawed back from the day the transfer was paid. 

What if you have no ability to pay?

Returns are required by law.

Recipients of discretionary Government transfer must repay without delay any transfer or part thereof they have received through error, in excess or manifestly without cause. VAL 20.1 §

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