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Increases to the maximum amounts of ASP loans

Increases to the maximum amounts of ASP interest subsidy loans enter into force on 15 April 2021. The increases apply to loans that are taken on that day or after. A new municipal category will be set up for Tampere and Turku.

The reform is a result of the increase in housing prices in large cities that has taken place after the previous review in 2014. The maximum amounts for ASP loans have now been adjusted to match the current price levels. The purpose of the reform is to enable first-home buyers to purchase a home that suits their needs and wishes.

A new municipal category has been set up for ASP interest subsidy loans in Tampere and Turku. Housing prices in Tampere and Turku, which previously belonged to the “other municipalities” category, have developed at a distinctly different rate than in the other municipalities in said group.

ASP interest subsidy loan categories by municipality after 15 April 2021

Municipality of the apartment: Helsinki
Previous maximum loan amount (EUR): 180,000
New maximum loan amount (EUR): 215,000

Municipality of the apartment: Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa
Previous maximum loan amount (EUR): 145,000
New maximum loan amount (EUR): 160,000

Municipality of the apartment: Tampere, Turku
Previous maximum loan amount (EUR): (115,000)
New maximum loan amount (EUR): 140,000

Municipality of the apartment: Other municipalities
Previous maximum loan amount (EUR): 115,000
New maximum loan amount (EUR): 120,000

State Treasury offers an extensive range of ASP statistics

The State Treasury administers state-granted interest subsidies, such as ASP interest subsidies. The State Treasury also advises banks on applying ASP regulations.

Moreover, the State Treasury publishes statistics on the development of ASP deposits, accounts, loans and average interest rates on its website. The statistics are available as long-term time series, and the data can be transferred from the online service to an Excel file or saved in CSV format. The statistics show that ASP loans have become increasingly popular since the 2010s: both the number and total capital of the loans have increased fairly steadily over the last ten years.

Most recently, statistics have been published on the State Treasury website depicting the development of the total amount of deposits made on ASP accounts since 2003. At the end of 2020, ASP deposits totalled EUR 1.244 billion.

The statistic shows the total amount of deposits made to ASP accounts.

Further information:

ASP saving and ASP loans on the State Treasury website
ASP interest subsidy loan statistics on the State Treasury website

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