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The first version of the new service, which is intended for publishing calls for government grant applications and for submitting applications for government grants, has been published. Read more about the service at

During the first phase of the launch, the publication and viewing of a notice for call for general grant awarded by the Fire Protection Fund (PSR) will be piloted. Application for government grants will still be carried out in accordance with the Fire Protection Fund’s present application procedure. Please note that this grant can only be applied for in Finnish or Swedish. The plan is to expand the use of the service to include the submission and processing of applications in spring 2022.

The Fire Protection Fund will also pilot the service, which is being developed for authorities who award government grants. This service will be where notices for calls for application will be drafted.

“For years, the aim of the fund has been to develop an electronic service platform for government grant activities. We were happy to note that this process was launched extensively throughout central government,” says Johanna Herrala, Secretary-General of the Fire Protection Fund. “We aimed to actively take part on joint activities as we saw that we could best develop our own activities together with other operators of government grant activities and with a broad and expert background organisation.”

The online services for government grants are continuously developed with various customer groups, partners and stakeholders. In October, we will present the service and the guidelines for its development for all who are interested. More information on the event (only in Finnish): online service introductory event >

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The State Treasury is taking part in the government grant development and digitalisation project managed by the Ministry of Finance. We are producing a new joint online services for government grant applicants, recipients and authorities who decide on granting discretionary government grants. The entire central government will transition in stages to the new operating model and will introduce use of the services in coming years. We develop services together with customers and will provide user support in the future.

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