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Application for closure compensation possible for small and micro-sized companies in Kajaani

The Consortium Board of the Kainuu Joint Municipal Authority for Health and Social Services issued a closure order in the Kajaani area corresponding to the AVI closure, based on Section 58 g of the Communicable Diseases Act, for the period 1-15 September 2021. The order applied to all customer, participating and waiting areas located in the area of the city of Kajaani within the meaning of Section 58g(4) of the Communicable Diseases Act. However, the Administrative Court of Northern Finland suspended the implementation of the decision on 6 September 2021.

Small and micro-sized companies have the right to apply for closure compensation from the State Treasury for the period during which they have had to keep their customer premises closed. For small and micro-sized companies in Kajaani, the closing period is 1-6 September. The closure compensation can be applied for from the State Treasury on a paper form. Compensation must be applied for by 31 December 2021.

The closure compensation applies to small and micro-sized companies employing up to 49 employees. A company may receive closure compensation when its premises are temporarily closed to customers in accordance with a legal order or a decision of the authority. The closure compensation applies to restaurants and other food and beverage serving companies, as well as  sports facilities, gyms, spas and indoor playgrounds. Further information on the application period will be updated on the State Treasury’s website.

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