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A new podcast for the autumn: Tiedon luo – exploring the future of work and leadership

In the Tiedon luo (Knowledge Seekers) podcast, Henni Purtonen takes listeners on a journey exploring important questions about the future of work and leadership. In each episode, the guests’ experiences and observations of the world help to frame a particular topic related to society or working life. Henni also talks with guests about life, dreams and success.

Featuring in each episode are also government experts from various administrative branches. They bring their expert perspectives on the discussed topic. In addition to this, government experts tell interesting stories and ask guests insightful questions.

The phenomena of our time are global and require increasingly open-minded solutions, a cross-disciplinary approach, and a focus on the customer’s perspective.

– I want to change the world by telling people’s stories. I believe that through these stories we can better understand the diversity of our globalised world. Running through all the episodes is the question of what do we need to maintain in order to get closer to our goal of being the world’s best public administration, explains Henni, the podcast host.

Moving from ideas towards real change

Henni Purtonen

‘There many discussions in this world that have never taken place. I want to change the world by telling people’s stories,’ says Henni Purtonen, host of the Tiedon luo podcast.

The Tiedon luo podcast takes a stand on different issues, surprising its listeners and encouraging them to think more boldly about opportunities for cooperation. Creativity and new ideas are found along the boundary lines. There are many hierarchies in central government, however, that slow down both collaboration between different administrative branches and creative development with sectors outside the public administration.

In addition to strengthening cooperation structures that cross administrative boundaries, there is also plenty of work to be done in areas such as improving services for language minorities.

– The themes of the Swedish-speaking episode are language, culture and identity. With the guest Janne Grönroos we discuss for example how it feels as a Swedish Finn when you end up realising that you are not able to use your mother tongue when dealing with the authorities in your home country, Henni explains.

The first episodes of Tiedon luo podcast series will be published in September on the website. You can also find the podcast on Spotify, and soon also in the government’s digital learning platform eOppiva. New episodes will become available for listening every Tuesday.


Podcast topics and guests

  • Who or what can we trust in these rapidly changing times? Aalto University Professor of Practice Jarno Limnéll
  • “We love everyone who even tries”: tv-host, journalist and comic Janne Grönroos
  • “In a top team, everyone learns from each other”: respected coach and sports influencer Erkka Westerlund
  •  If you don’t understand history, the future also disappears: Doctor of Philosophy and professor of history at the University of Helsinki Henrik Meinander and inventor, futurist and entrepreneur Perttu Pölönen
  • When performing arts and organisational problems meet: actor, coach and entrepreneur Niina Nurminen


Henni Purtonen works as a Communications Specialist in the State Treasury’s Government Finance Administration, Information and Working Life Management Division. Topical phenomena, making working life more humane, knowledge-based management and managing the uncertainty of change are all topics she enjoys engaging with. In her influencing and communication work, she is fascinated by projects that challenge current practices. Henni believes that demand for societal impact will increase in the coming years and will change the ways organisations, investors and citizens engage in planning, developing, acquiring and taking action.


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