Notification of cancellation or smaller organisation of the event

The event organiser must notify the State Treasury if the event is cancelled or arranged smaller. The State Treasury does not separately issue a decision or take a position in advance on individual cancellation notices or restrictions.

The notification enables the main organiser and subcontractors to apply for compensations through the e-service. The cancellation notice opens the electronic application form in approximately 2-3 days. To report by e-mail to,  follow these steps:

  • Title: Notice of cancellation of the event / event name and time
  • Business ID: XXX
  • Case number of the event guarantee decision: VK/xxx
  • Event name, time and locality: xxx
  • Event status: event cancelled (or organized smaller)
  • Official order on which the restriction is based: e.g. the number of the decision of the regional state administrative authority, or a link to the decision indicating the issuer of the restriction, the duration of the restriction and the area of the restriction
  • More information: e.g. an explanation of how the restriction has affected the realisation of the event

We publish information on events that can apply for compensations on the event guarantee statistics page. If necessary, please inform your subcontractors of the start of the compensation phase.

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