How do I apply for compensation?

The application period for compensation is from September 15 to December 7. Compensation for the event can be applied for after the main organizer of the event has notified the State Treasury that the event has been cancelled or that the event is organized smaller than planned. This notification must be sent to the State Treasury by e-mail In its notification, the event organizer must provide a statement of the prohibition or restriction on the event and the impact of the restriction. An event guarantee is not a guarantee for compensation.

A company may claim compensation for an event guarantee if the following conditions are met:

– The company is the lead organizer or the subcontractor indicated in the event guarantee application in an event for which an event guarantee has been granted.

– The event has been cancelled or arranged substantially smaller based on a law or official decree, and the main organizer of the event has informed the State Treasury.

– The company has incurred costs for the planning or organization of the event for which it has not received payment.

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