Can I purchase a shared home through separate ASP accounts?

Two ASP savers can buy a shared home with either shared or separate loans. In this case, the maximum amount of the ASP loan is 50 per cent higher than the maximum amount of the ASP loan per municipality.

If the loan is shared but the ASP savers have separate ASP accounts, the sum of the savings of the two separate ASP accounts can be used to calculate the maximum amount of the ASP loan. A maximum of EUR 4,500 per quarter shall be taken into account for the aggregate deposit on the accounts. If the total amount of savings exceeds 4,500 euros during a quarter, the savings can be divided and approved in varying amounts (e.g. 150 euros + 4,350 euros). All of the deposits can, however, be observed in the calculation of the 10 per cent required savings.

If the ASP savers want to have separate loans and ASP accounts, the maximum amount of the ASP loan is calculated separately for both savers. Both must have saved 10% of the purchase price of a home during a minimum of eight calendar quarters. The maximum amount shall be calculated on the basis of deposits of up to EUR 4,500 per quarter.

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