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The December 2020 Bulletin for Central Government Finances has been published

What are the trends in central government finances? How much does the state have in debt and liquid assets? The monthly bulletin for central government finances also reports on the realisation of the budget. Dive into the world of economic figures and find out more about the trends in central government finances by reading the December bulletin has been published on 23 March 2020.

In addition to the realisation of the state budget, the monthly bulletin for central government finances reports on the state income, expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flow. The bulletin contains the balance calculation, the government revenue and expenditure statement, the state’s balance sheet and the funds statement for central government finances, among other things.

The monthly bulletin for central government finances is based on the accounting data of the accounting units (on-budget finances) and the state’s extra-budgetary funds (off-budget finances).

In addition to the income and expenses recorded in the budget, central government finances also include funds external to the budget. The state has a total of eleven funds external to the budget, including the State Pension Fund, the Housing Fund of Finland and the State Guarantee Fund. The funds are controlled by several ministries according to the administrative branch.

Funds Statement for Central Government Finances December 2020 (PDF)

Further information on the monthly bulletin

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