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State Treasury to start using the Incomes Register in January 2020

The State Treasury will start receiving incomes information from the Incomes Register on 1 January 2020 and pension and benefit information on 1 January 2021.

The salary information needed for claims processing, such as the determination of lost income, is retrieved directly from the Incomes Register in the future. We will only ask employers and compensation applicants for information that we cannot directly receive from the Incomes Register.

What is the Incomes Register?

The Incomes Register is a national electronic database of comprehensive information on incomes, pensions and benefits paid to citizens. Employers and other payment makers have the duty to report any wages and benefits they have paid to the Incomes Register.

In addition to the State Treasury, the information in the Incomes Register is utilised by Kela, the Tax Administration and Statistics Finland, for example. Authorities and other information users will only receive the information that they are entitled to by law and that they need for their operations from the register.

Not all information will be available from the Incomes Register

The Incomes Register will ease application claims and the issuing of decisions for many people, but it is possible that you will still be asked for information about your wages and employment in the future. This is either because your employer has not reported the information to the register, or because there is not enough information in the Incomes Register to process your application. Information on wages paid after 1 January 2019 are recorded in the Incomes Register.

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