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Compensation services available in exceptional circumstances

The State Treasury Compensation Services unit strives to operate as usual despite the coronavirus pandemic. The service may experience some delays and stoppages due to added stress to our systems caused by remote work, among other things.

Our telephone service strives to operate as usual during our service hours 9 am–noon. You can find service numbers on our website under each service >

If our telephone service is congested, you can contact us by e-mail:

Due to the exceptional circumstances, we do not serve customers in person, but you may deliver documents to the information desk in our premises at Sörnäisten rantatie 13 B, Helsinki.

Compensation for accidents occurring in remote work

Occupational accident protection is not as comprehensive in remote work as it is in work performed at the workplace. Any occupational accidents occurring in remote work are compensated for as an occupational accident if they have occurred during actual work assignments. In remote work, recreational and lunch breaks and any related movement within the home are not covered by occupational accident protection.

Read more on the Finnish Workers’ Compensation Center website (in Finnish):

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