The State Treasury provides central government organisations with internal services. In this role, our essential strategic objective is to enable savings and growth in productivity in government agencies and institutions. Our methods to these ends include:

  • The development of shared operating methods such as financial and personnel administration operating models and occupational well-being,
  • the development of data systems and services as well as
  • participation in the development of the internal central government job market.

Societal effectiveness objectives related to the State Treasury operations

The Ministry of Finance has set the following effectiveness objectives for the State Treasury:

  • Government financial administration forms a transparent entity, complying with the principles of good administration and operating productively, which supports the development of the effectiveness and productivity of agencies and institutions.
  • Financial reporting (including information warehouses and monitoring targets) are available to those who require them; the methods, processes and information systems of financial administration are modern, unified and easy to use; and government financial administration has been arranged efficiently and reliably.
  • The Government Human Resources Services unit at the State Treasury supports good personnel management, while promoting longer careers, relocation of personnel and internal mobility.
  • Government borrowing, liquidity management and the related risk management are carried out in a high-quality, cost-efficient manner.