• What?

    The state’s financial administration and accounting generate information for the public, parliament and the government, as well as the state’s partners, such as the EU. The aim is to gain accurate and sufficient financial information regarding the use of state funds.

    We serve government agencies by developing uniform operating methods of high quality. A government agency or an extra-budgetary fund can receive support from the State Treasury for external accounting, internal accounts and monitoring of powers.

    With regulations, instructions and guidance, we aim to guarantee the uniformity of the data. The productivity and efficiency of agencies is improved through steering and determining the way in which responsibilities are delegated within an organisation.

  • How?

    We support accounting units and the state’s extra-budgetary funds with their external and internal accounting.

    What should I do?

    A process description, the state’s financial administration and accounting

    1. Manual instructions
      Material concerning the steering of the state’s accounting is located on the manuals page. Answers to most questions can be found by reading through the instructions and regulations. The website contains links to legislation currently in effect. The account schemes are also located there.
    2. Questions and Answers
      This sections contains the State Treasury’s answers to and policies regarding questions from agencies.
    3. Palkeet
      Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR provides aid to agencies in matters pertaining to accounting.
    4. State Treasury
      The State Treasury decides on the principles regarding accounting-related matters.