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Occupational accident insurance for employers – penalty fee

  • Service description

    Employers are obliged to insure their employees against occupational accidents and diseases.

    If, as an employer, you have neglected your duty to take out insurance policies specified in the Workers’ Compensation Act (459/2015), you are obliged to pay a penalty fee corresponding to an insurance premium deemed reasonable for the period of neglect. The payment can be imposed for the current year and five previous calendar years.

    Penalty fee

    In addition to the fee corresponding to insurance premiums, you are obliged to pay a penalty fee. The maximum amount of the fee is three times the amount of the insurance premium.

    The amount of the penalty fee depends on the

    • duration of the failure,
    • intent and frequency of the failure,
    • amount of work without insurance coverage and the risk.

  • On whom are penalty fees imposed

    The penalty fee is imposed on an employer that has not insured their employees against occupational accidents or diseases.

  • Process description

    • The Finnish Workers’ Compensation Center (TVK) submits an application to the State Treasury for the imposing of a payment corresponding to the insurance premium and the penalty fee.
    • The State Treasury drafts a decision on whether you as the employer have neglected your obligation to take out insurance and orders you to make payments to TVK.
    • TVK sends you an invoice.
    • Before making the decision, the State Treasury gives you an opportunity to be heard.
    • You can appeal the decision of the State Treasury with the Accident Appeal Board.