• Service description

    The State Treasury is responsible for paying compensation to interested parties for trial delays.

    The court shall provide the State Treasury with information on paying the reimbursement and any expenses, when the decision concerning the compensation has become legally valid.

    Compensation is paid to the recipient of the reimbursement within one month of the decision concerning the compensation becoming legally valid. This means that you do not have to apply for compensation for delays separately from the State Treasury, if they have been decided by the court.

  • Who is eligible for compensation?

    A private interested party is eligible for reasonable compensation from state funds, if their legal proceedings have been delayed resulting in an infringement on the interested party’s right to legal proceedings within a reasonable amount of time.

    The purpose of the compensation is to reimburse for any worry, insecurity and other similar harm caused by the trial delay to the interested party.

  • How to apply for compensation

    You must apply for compensation by presenting a claim to the court processing the principal claim before the process has been completed. The court shall decide on the claim at the same time as the principal claim.

  • Legislation