• Service description

    The State Treasury compensates for personal injuries caused by large carnivores based on the Game Animal Damages Act (105/2009).

    * Bears,
    * wolves,
    * wolverines, and
    * lynxes are considered large carnivores.

    Compensation received based on personal insurance or other legislation is decreased from the compensation paid by the State Treasury.

  • Preconditions for receiving compensation

    The compensation is paid to the person to whom the large carnivore caused the personal injury or illness. Compensation is also paid for loss caused by a large carnivore killing a person.

  • What to do

    Notify the local police without delay of any personal damage caused by large carnivores. The local police will conduct investigation at the site and file a police report.

    Submit a claim for compensation to the State Treasury within one month of the date of the statement issued by the doctor who cared for the injured person.

    The police report and the statement of the doctor who cared for the injured person must be attached to the claim for compensation, as well as an account of the treatment and other costs caused by the damage.

    The claim for compensation must include an account of the applicant’s possibility to receive compensation through insurance or on other grounds.

  • Compensation for other than personal injury

    The damage caused by large carnivores to agriculture or forestry are paid from the State budget according to the Game Animal Damages Act.

    Further information: https://mmm.fi/en/wildlife-and-game/game-animal-damages/large-carnivore-damage

  • Compensation for personal injury

    The most common types of compensation for personal injury are:

    • medical expenses
    • loss of income for the period of disability
    • temporary disability
    • permanent disability
    • permanent cosmetic damage

    In case of death, funeral costs are compensated to a reasonable extent. Compensation for the loss of maintenance can be paid to those entitled to maintenance or otherwise dependent on the maintenance of the deceased.

    When calculating the amount of compensation, any compensation paid based on other legislation or insurance is considered.

    Any compensation paid by the State Treasury without grounds can be recovered from the injured party. If the injured party contributed to the accident, the compensation sum can be deducted or the compensation can be denied altogether.

    The compensation payable for personal injuries caused by large carnivores is defined according to Sections 5(2, 2a-2d, 3, 4, 7, 8) and 7(3) of the Tort Liability Act.

  • Legislation