• What does loss of income mean?

    When an injury or illness causes disability or a reduction in income, the injured party is compensated for their loss of income for the duration of the disability.  They are paid an allowance for up to one year starting from the accident, followed by an accident pension. The indemnity for loss of income may be fixed-term or continuous.  The indemnity for loss of income is determined based on the level of income that the injured party had at the time of the accident.

  • What is a service disease?

    A service disease is a disease or injury caused by the service or some other defect, injury or illness that has likely deteriorated due to the service. Service diseases include ailments such as stress fractures and other stress injuries, asthma and a tendency of the kneecap or shoulder joint to dislocate made worse by the service.

  • What is the handicap allowance related to permanent disability?

  • What is an accident?

    An accident is defined as a sudden, unexpected event caused by an external factor, which causes the injured party to have an injury or illness. A military accident is defined as an accident that occurs during military service, during travel closely related to military service, in an entrance exam to a military academy or the Border and Coast Guard Academy, or during travel closely related to these, or during free time included in the time of military or non-military service.

  • How is daily allowance determined?

    Daily allowance is determined case-specifically, i.e. have you had income or not, are you a student or not.

  • Has my application been received?

    Ask in the chat window; you can send a request to injuries.military@statetreasury.fi when the chat service is closed.

  • What is happening with my matter currently?

    The speed of the process is affected by whether the Defence Forces or health care institution, etc. have provided the necessary documents.

  • Are travel expenses to care facilities compensated?

    Travel expenses related to medical care are compensated.