• Service description

    Government employees can be entitled to compensation for property damage during work assignments (work and Government employee damage). Only damage caused in some way by the special nature of the work assignments is compensated.

    Those assisting in Government work assignments are similarly entitled to compensation.

  • Preconditions for receiving compensation

    Compensation can be paid when:

    * the applicant works for the Government
    * property of the applicant was damaged due to a work assignment or due to special circumstances caused by a work assignment
    * the damaged property was personal property of the applicant, such as an item of clothing or another item used in the work assignment or a vehicle used.

  • What to do

    Apply for compensation from the State Treasury using the attached application form.

    Be sure to describe in sufficient detail the event which caused the damage and the related circumstances, because not all damage caused at work is automatically compensated.

    Apply for compensation within three months of the accident, regardless of whether

    * you received a new item for the one damaged or
    * you received an invoice for the new item.