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Occupational services

  • The radical changes taking place in working life can also be seen in the state administration. The state is currently promoting the adoption of extensive cooperation networks and phenomenon-based approaches, the capacity to evolve, and strategic agility, among other things. The State Treasury’s Kaiku occupational service, together with its networks and partners, is an expert of new and meaningful work and humane working conditions.

  • What?

    The Kaiku occupational service works together with state organisations, strengthening their capacity to change and evolve and helping them develop their operating culture towards one that supports flexible organisation, management through training, self-administration and shared administration. The main emphasis is on phenomenon-based working life development and research that focuses on people.

    If you require support in matters related to occupational health services or maintaining employees’ work capacity, contact Keva. See

  • What is it about?

    The State Treasury grants Kaiku funds to organisations for development projects that promote the reformation and human resources of government agencies.

    We will provide you with support in planning and realising your project, whether it is a Kaiku-funded one or some other type of development project within the same field. Our operating methods include consultations, co-creation, training, communications and network support. We train Kaiku developers, and our network currently has over 300 developers working in various government agencies.

    The means include:

    • Consultation with the occupational services’ experts
    • Project funding
    • Network development and learning from experiments conducted elsewhere
    • Shared experimentation and learning processes between agencies working on the same challenge.
    • Service forms of working life development that utilise knowledge management methods
    • We participate in the development and create channels that utilise research
    • Kaiku reference guides and publications

  • How?

    Are the changes in structures and content posing challenges to the operations of your organisation and its work communities? In an evolving work environment, the traditional ways of operating may no longer be useful.

    We work together with the administration, developers, supervisors and work communities to manage the changes that occur in working life. The administration must generate positive energy, promote a sense of commitment and conditions characterised by trust and openness, and create various support mechanisms that encourage interaction, participation, experimentation, learning and change. A new way of working will also provide a challenge to individuals. Bottom-up administration, continuous learning and training, and maintaining your ability to work are currently hot topics.

    For example, the following can be seen as focal skill areas:

    • Strategic and functional thinking – the ability to see and understand the big picture and to act here and now
    • Curiosity, learning, improvement and self-management
    • Creating visions and innovating
    • Quick experiments and tolerance of incompleteness
    • Communication, interaction and network-like cooperation
    • Positive utilisation of diversity and conflicts, focusing on solutions
    • Resilience
    • Flexibility, taking the initiative and staying open to new ideas
    • Ethics
    • Cognitive ergonomics