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    In the event an accident occurs during your training or work trial at the TE Office

    Accidents and occupational diseases suffered by persons during training or work trial arranged with the TE Office are covered by the State Treasury. Compensation cannot be paid form the accident insurance of the company where the work trial is being performed. Please mention this to the employer of the work trial. Reimbursements are based on the Workers’ Compensation Act.
    Reimbursements are based on the Workers’ Compensation Act.

    Typical occupational accidents include slipping or falling at the workplace or on the way between home and the workplace.
    An accident refers to a sudden and unforeseen event arising from an external factor that causes the employee to be injured or develop an illness.
    An occupational accident happens to an employee at work, in the location of the working area, or outside the location of the working area during the course of work.

  • Compensation paid under the Workers’ Compensation Act include

    • medical expenses
    • travel expenses to medical treatment
    • compensation for the loss of earnings paid as daily allowance, worker’s compensation pension, and rehabilitation allowance for the duration of vocational rehabilitation
    • compensation for a general permanent functional limitation that is the result of an injury or illness

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  • When an accident occurs, do as follows

    1. Report the incident immediately to your TE Office and the work trial institution. Keep receipts of the doctor’s appointments and medication you pay yourself.
    2. The TE Office will report the accident to the State Treasury; you do not need to send a notification of claim yourself. Provide the TE Office with a thorough description of the accident and your contact information.
    3. If the consequent treatment requires magnet resonance imaging or an operation, the State Treasury will provide a payment commitment beforehand.

  • Processing compensation matters at the State Treasury

    The State Treasury will inform you when your matter has been initiated, and investigation will begin without delay, in no later than 7 weekdays. The State Treasury must issue a decision within 30 days after the necessary reports have been delivered.

  • Accident coverage at the State Treasury

    The State Treasury handles accidents and occupational diseases that occur during TE Office training and work trials, unless the person is entitled to compensation of at least equal amount under other acts.

    The accident coverage applies to the following services by the employment and economic development offices (chapter 4, section 4, 5 and 12 of the Act on public employment and business service)

    • work trial at a workplace
    • education trial at an educational institution
    • job search training
    • career coaching
    • job coaching
    • recruitment trial.

    Under section 84 of the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration (30.12.2010/1386), a person involved in an accident while engaged in activities promoting integration will receive compensation. The precondition is that the person is receiving labour market support as integration assistance, is engaged in self-motivated studies and other individually agreed measures and is not entitled to compensation under other acts.

    The TE Office will send a notification of claim to the State Treasury. The person being trained or doing a work trial is not in an employment relationship with the employment institution, so the damages will not be compensated by the occupational accident insurance of the company where the work trial is being performed.

  • Occupational accident or occupational disease?

    Occupational accident. An occupational accident refers to a sudden injury from an external factor during training or work trial, such as tripping or falling. The coverage also applies to travelling between home and work trial or training and back home. The area included in the workplace usually means the immediate area outside the workplace building where employees regularly go in connection with their work. When an accident happens in this area, the accident will be compensated as an occupational accident when the person was in the area in connection with their work assignment.

    Occupational disease. Occupational disease refers to an illness that is caused by exposure to a physical, biological or chemical agent in the work.

    Accident abroad. There are no country-specific restrictions to the accident coverage. Therefore, the coverage applies in Finland and abroad. Since the Worker’s Compensation Act does not cover civilian illnesses or leisure-time accidents, it is recommended to take additional travel insurance if the service occurs abroad.

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  • If an accident occurs, do as follows

     1. Fill out an electronic accident report


    If you already have all of the information required for completing the notification, you can fill in the form without identification. Direct link to the online notification form:  Online notification form of accidents and occupational diseases (in Finnish) >

    Link to the identification page: After identification, you can save the information you have already filled onto the form to wait for further information or archiving, or view any previous notifications you have filed.    Yes, I wish to be identified >

    • In the form, fill in the information you receive from the injured person about the accident. Remember to fill in the injured person’s phone number so that we can process the matter promptly.
    • Fill in the information for the employment relationship in section 7 to inform us what service the insurance claim/customer is related to.
    • Attach a client classification page to your accident report as well as the agreement on the work trial at a workplace.

     2. Contact

    If you need assistance with filling out the form, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. A carefully filled out application will be processing more quickly.

    The State Treasury will provide a certificate of occupational accident coverage. Send your insurance certificate request to injuries.atwork@statetreasury.fi