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Arava loans to communities

  • The State Treasury administers loans granted by the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) and Arava loans granted by municipalities. The loans have been granted from the funds of the Housing Fund of Finland, which is a fund outside the state budget.

    Arava loans were granted to municipalities, other public bodies, non-profit housing communities appointed by ARA and the limited companies that own these communities in 1949–2007. Most rental properties funded using Arava loans are owned by municipalities.

    New loans are no longer granted, but state support for housing is directed through interest subsidies and guarantees.

    The State Treasury is in charge of the tasks that follow a loan decision, including the payment traffic related to loans, maintaining the securities as well as the monitoring and collection of receivables. The State Treasury is also responsible for the financial revitalisation measures of rental properties and right-of-occupancy communities.