• How do I apply for support?

    The support can be applied for via the State Treasury’s e-services. The e-service guides you in filling in the application. You can also save the application as a draft and continue filling it out later.

  • What is the framework support programme?

    The fuel subsidy for transport companies and work machine companies is part of the European Union’s (EU) Ukrainian framework support programme (EU 2022/C 131 I/01). The maximum amount of fuel subsidy is EUR 400,000 per company or company group if the company belongs to a group. The State Treasury must ensure that this amount is not exceeded.

  • What is the meaning of classified information under the Act on the Openness of Government Activities?

    According to the Act, all documents received by an authority become in principle public when the authority has received them. This also applies to applications for fuel subsidy. Anyone can request information on applications. An application for fuel subsidy may, however, in addition to public information, contain classified information, which will not be not published or passed on from the authority.

    If the applicant considers that there are trade or professional secrets in his/her application (according to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities) § 24 (1) (20)), the applicant may state in his/her application which information (s)he considers to be business secrets, and on what grounds the applicant considers this information to be confidential. In this way, the State Treasury receives information about which information in the application that the applicant himself considers to be trade secrets. According to the law, however, the State Treasury has final decision-making power on the extent to which the document should be classified.

    All fuel subsidy decisions are in principle public. If a decision has specified information that the applicant has stated in the application to the State Treasury as trade or business secrets, the decision may also partly contain information that has been stated as classified.

  • Are fuels filled abroad also eligible?

    Yes, they are.

  • Do I have to separate fuel costs and amounts by month on the application form?

    The application must indicate separately for each month the quantity of fuel purchased and the price paid (e.g. litres of diesel + euros).

  • What kind of work machines are eligible for fuel oil subsidy and what are not?

    The subsidy is available for fuel-oil fuelled machinery that is mobile or transportable. The machinery must be exempt from fuel tax. However, an exception is made for tractors that use fuel oil, even if the tractor is not exempt from fuel tax. The law is not exhaustive as regards the types of machinery eligible for subsidy, so the final decision on which machinery is eligible for subsidy will be taken when the company's application decision is made.
    Hand-operated machinery is not eligible for subsidy.  Similarly, machinery which is an integral part of the process, such as paper machines, is not eligible for aid. Lawn mowers, snow blowers and aggregates are not eligible.

  • Can I apply for fuel subsidy on a paper form?

    Yes, you can. You can order a printable application in PDF format from paperihakemus.yritystuet(at)valtiokonttori.fi. The application form arrives as a return message.