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Event guarantee

The electronic applications for the event guarantee open on 15 June 2021 at 9 a.m.

Round of applications for event guarantee closes
August 31 at 4.15 pm
Round of applications for compensation starts September 15
  • If the event is due at the beginning of June, the application can be completed in PDF format or on paper from 1 June forward. Paper applications are processed manually, and processing is slower. 

    The application form can be ordered from 

    The reply message contains an application form also in English.

    If the event takes place after 15 June, please wait for the electronic application to open.Please note, that the restrictions at the time of application affect the granting of the event guarantee.

    To fill in an electronic application, you need identification. The application can only be completed by the main organizer of the event.


    An event guarantee is an advance commitment which is granted to the event organizer for the expenses that have been reported in advance. If the event is cancelled or limited by law or authority, compensation will be paid for the actual costs incurred.

    The event guarantee is applied in two parts. First you apply for an advance commitment, an event guarantee, that is granted to the event organizer. In the second phase, compensation can be claimed for the actual costs of organizing the event, if the event is cancelled or organized smaller.

    The event guarantee applies to established event organizers and events that are open to the public. The implementation of the events must comply with the principles approved by the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM) for organizing responsible events in the coronavirus situation. Ohje koronavirustartuntojen ehkäisemisestä yleisötilaisuuksien ja yleisten kokoontumisten yhteydessä sekä julkisten tilojen käytössä (

    Please check the current public restrictions in your area on the website of the Regional State Administrative Agency Usein kysyttyä koronaviruksesta – Tietoa – Uutishuone – Aluehallintovirasto.


  • Information about event guarantee

    The event guarantee applies to established event organizers and events open to public, that follow the principles approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture for organizing responsible events in the coronavirus situation.

    The event guarantee applies to established, professional event organizers, and to events of at least 200 participants. To consider an event organizer professional, it must employ paid staff to organize the event.

    Established events open to public include art and cultural festivals and concerts and exhibitions, that are not organized as part of year-round event activities, as well as religious events open to the public.

    Established events do not include small-scale events organized as a hobby or a fundraiser for an association. The event guarantee does not apply to year-round event activities, such as year-round performance, concert and theatre activities or serial sporting events.

  • The event guarantee is based on the expenses of the event

    In the application, the event organizer must indicate the estimated expenses of the event, the subcontractors involved in the event and their share of the costs, and an explanation of the organizers past, established and professional activities in the event field. Compensation can only be obtained for pre-declared and actual costs.

    If the event is cancelled entirely by order of a law or authority, 85 percent of the pre-declared actual costs will be reimbursed to the applicant.

    The event may also take place substantially smaller by law or authority, in which case a maximum of 85% of the planned number of participants in the event may have participated in the event. In that case, a smaller amount of costs could be reimbursed to the applicant.


  • Prepare to apply

    Make sure you have the information you need to fill out your application.

    You need at least

    1. company’s basic data and net sales for 2019
    2. information on the company’s turnover
    3. basic information of the event
    4. estimated costs of the event
    5. information about the event’s subcontractors (business ID, name and role in the event) and subcontractor costs

    The State Treasury receives some of the necessary information from the Tax Administration.

    You cannot send attachments with the application. The State Treasury may ask the company to submit attachments separately.