• What?

    Our analysis services provide cross-administrative comparative data, particularly for the needs of government guidance. As part of the Tietokiri project, we also run agency-specific pilots, which aim to identify elements that need to be analysed in support of decision-making by the public administration. The intention is to scale up solutions regarding interesting information requirements of individual agencies discovered during these pilots, extending them to cover the entire sector of public administration.

    We develop the Exploreadministration.fi service, which collects information on both municipalities and the state.

  • We are part of Tietokiri

    We are part of Tietokiri, in which we work to enhance knowledge management in public administration. The objective is to improve the visibility of results achieved through information management and to share proven tools and disciplines. The project also aims to combine the government’s joint information resources and to provide analysis services and visualisation of information to organisations.

    We perform analyses in collaboration with various government consolidation operators. These operators include HAUS kehittämiskeskus Oy, Hansel Oy, the Senate Properties, Statistics Finland, the Government ICT Centre Valtori, the Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Finance.

    Browse through the case descriptions at Tietokiri.fi >

  • How?

    You can suggest a specific case for us to analyse or request help from our analysts in mapping suitable items for analyses.

    The analysis process usually follows the example described below. Depending on the case, the process can take from a few days up to a few months.

    The analysis services’ process description

    The analysis process description consists of the following elements:

    1. Help with analysis?
      A client requires analysed information in order to develop their operations and contacts the service.
    2. Identifying specific requirements
      The research question, the extent of the commission and available information sources are determined through discussions with the client.
    3. Priorities and schedules
      Commissions are prioritised based on their extent, the expected benefits and time constraints. A schedule is created and an organisation to perform the analysis is assigned (e.g. State Treasury, Palkeet, Hansel).
    4. Background assessment
      The work begins with an assessment of the related information sources and studies. If the existing information is insufficient, more is acquired (e.g. via a questionnaire). The research question is considered from various angles.
    5. Preliminary analysis
      Data from selected sources is combined. Simultaneously, the quality and usability of this data is evaluated. For example, calculation models may be created, depending on the case. Visualisations are created to support the analysis.
    6. Creating the final analysis
      The preliminary results are discussed with the client, after which the analysis model is adjusted based on the client’s feedback. The reliability of the analysis is evaluated and improved. The final visualisations are created.
    7. Presenting the results and further work
      The results from the analysis are presented to the client. The utilisation of the analysis in the development of their operations is discussed with the client. Any future commissions that might be required are negotiated.
    8. Feedback and assessment
      Feedback is requested on the commissions’ success. During this phase, an assessment of how well the organisation has managed to utilise the analysis to improve their operations is also conducted. We will also evaluate the scalability of our analysis model to be used in other organisations.
    9. Sharing what we have learned
      We will create a description and an assessment of all our commissions. For most commissions, we will create a case description and post it on Tietokiri.fi, in order to share what we have learned with others.
  • Please contact

    You can contact our analysis services via the form below. We also serve on matters related to municipal financial data at kuntadata@valtiokonttori.fi.