• Can I apply for cost support on a paper form?

    Yes, you can. You can order a printable application in PDF format from paperihakemus.kustannustuki(at)valtiokonttori.fi. The application form arrives as a return message.

  • Are associations eligible for this support?

    Yes. In addition to companies, the Act allows foundations and associations that conduct business to apply for the support.

  • Why is the amount of support based on previous months rather than on the current situation?

    The cost support is retroactive in nature, i.e. it is paid for the costs already incurred. Efforts to support companies in different situations have included extending the support period.

  • What is the meaning of classified information under the Act on the Openness of Government Activities?

    According to the Act, all documents received by an authority become in principle public when the authority has received them. This also applies to applications for Cost Support. Anyone can request information on applications. An application for Cost Support may, however, in addition to public information, contain classified information, which will not be not published or passed on from the authority. If the applicant considers that there are trade or professional secrets in his/her application (according to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities) § 24 (1) (20)), the applicant may state in his/her application which information (s)he considers to be business secrets, and on what grounds the applicant considers this information to be confidential. In this way, the State Treasury receives information about which information in the application that the applicant himself considers to be trade secrets. According to the law, however, the State Treasury has final decision-making power on the extent to which the document should be classified. All cost support decisions are in principle public. If a decision has specified information that the applicant has stated in the application to the State Treasury as trade or professional secrets, the decision may also partly contain information that has been stated as classified.

  • How is the cost support decision delivered?

    By applying for cost support through the e-service, you accept that the decision will be sent to you electronically. The decision will be delivered by email to the email address you provided. Please note that the classified email can only be opened on one device. The decision can be saved by pushing the button at the bottom of the message.

  • Do I need to make sure I apply as fast as possible? Is the support limited to just the first applicants?

    No. Support will be available for those who fulfill the conditions determined in the Law.

  • Will I need a consultant to assist me in applying for the support?

    The State Treasury aims to make the application process as easy for applicants as possible. The application for cost support has been tested on a customer panel to ensure clarity, and it has received good feedback.

  • When will I see the granted support on my bank account?

    The State Treasury will aim to process the applications as fast as possible. Any support granted will be paid onto the bank account you have provided to the Tax Authority and should be available within three banking days.

  • Why does it take longer to process my application than I was informed?

    The processing time indicated on the State Treasury website is the average processing time for applications. Applications are processed individually and therefore the progression of processes may vary. For this reason, the actual processing time of an application may be longer, for example because it is necessary to use discretion in relation to costs when processing the application. In these cases, the processing time of the applications is estimated to be one month. Further clarification may also have to be requested in the processing of the application, which will prolong the processing time.

  • Should the costs be accrual-based or payment-based?

    Accrual-based. For example, of the invoices for the whole year that fall within the support period, only the share of support months should be report to the application.