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Travel insurance and visa certificates

You can find current forms for those who are about to travel on this page A short official journey has a maximum length of three months, a long official journey has a length of more than three months. An official journey has a length of more than three months when it ends on a date..

Happy Holidays!

We in the State Treasury wish Happy Holidays to all our customers and stakeholders. This year our card is a collage of pictures drawn by children who participated in the Bring Your Child to Work Day in the State Treasury on 23 November 2018.

MoF: Working group recommends organisational reform of government debt management

Source: Ministry of Finance press relelase, 21 September 2018 The working group assessing development needs in government debt management in Finland proposes that debt management and the management of government transactions be transferred to a separate debt office. The amount of central government debt in Finland has doubled since the financial crisis, at a time..

Interruption in the e-service for loan customers has been resolved

18 June 2018 The interruption in the e-service for loan customers has been resolved and the service is now operating normally. 15 June 2018 The e-service for loan customers is temporarily unavailable Logging into the e-service for loan customers is currently not possible due to a temporary service interruption. We apologise for any inconvenience caused..

State Treasury trials out software robotics

The State Treasury was seeking experience and understanding of the possible applications and benefits of software robotics. The goal was to learn about the opportunities offered by the new technology, find out where software robotics could be used and develop the suitability of robotics for State Treasury operations. The software robotics investigation and trial project..