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Who can apply for closure compensation for medium-sized and large companies?

Companies and groups whose customer premises were ordered to close in March-April 2021 either by the Accommodation and Food Services Act or by the Communicable Diseases Act can apply for closure compensation for medium-sized and large companies. Companies employing at least 50 employees and whose turnover has fallen by more than 30% in calendar months..

Statistics: Event guarantee

The previous day’s information is updated in the report below every weekday. The report indicates the date of the last update. The report provides information on the number of applications, the processing situation and the decisions made. More information on the statistics can be found behind the (…) button at top right corner. You can also..

Can I apply for an event guarantee for a concert or event tour?

Yes, you can. Each event or concert on the tour must have its own application. This is because the regional restrictions of the Regional State Administrative Agency and the costs and subcontractors of events or concerts may vary depending on the location.

Does the event guarantee share the support ceiling with cost support?

Yes, the event guarantee is part of the same framework aid scheme as previous rounds of cost support. If the €1.8m support ceiling is already full, the event guarantee cannot be paid to the company. Even if the main organizer’s aid quota is full, the main organizer may nevertheless apply for a guarantee and compensation..

Are there coming any changes to the €1.8m support ceiling?

The fourth round of cost support will have its own support programme for large and medium-sized companies, based on which more support could be paid. Take a closer look at

How do I apply for compensation?

The application period for compensation is from September 15 to December 7. Compensation for the event can be applied for after the main organizer of the event has notified the State Treasury that the event has been cancelled or that the event is organized smaller than planned. This notification must be sent to the State..

Can a non-profit association with a turnover of less than €150,000 in 2019 receive support for organizing an event?

Non-profit associations, and companies with a turnover of less than EUR 150,000 in 2019, cannot receive event guarantee. However, they can receive support from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The application periods and more detailed conditions for supports are published on the Ministry’s webpage: Subsidies – OKM – Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland..

How to make a claim for rectification?

If you are dissatisfied with the decision you have received, you can request a rectification from the State Treasury. Processing a claim for rectification at the State Treasury is free of charge. Before submitting a claim for rectification Read the cost support decision carefully before submitting a claim for rectification. Check all the information used..

What costs are reimbursed?

Reimbursable costs are, for example, rent for event venues, artists and programme services, costs for event technology services, sales and rentals, costs for event design, sales and rentals, ticket sales services, planning, consulting and other event services, digital event services, costs of organizing events the event as well as other costs of special services in..