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How do I apply for compensation?

The application period for compensation is from September 15 to December 7. Compensation for the event can be applied for after the main organizer of the event has notified the State Treasury that the event has been cancelled or that the event is organized smaller than planned. This notification must be sent to the State..

Can a non-profit association with a turnover of less than €150,000 in 2019 receive support for organizing an event?

Non-profit associations, and companies with a turnover of less than EUR 150,000 in 2019, cannot receive event guarantee. However, they can receive support from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The application periods and more detailed conditions for supports are published on the Ministry’s webpage: Subsidies – OKM – Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland..

How to make a claim for rectification?

If you are dissatisfied with the decision you have received, you can request a rectification from the State Treasury. Processing a claim for rectification at the State Treasury is free of charge. Before submitting a claim for rectification Read the cost support decision carefully before submitting a claim for rectification. Check all the information used..

What costs are reimbursed?

Reimbursable costs are, for example, rent for event venues, artists and programme services, costs for event technology services, sales and rentals, costs for event design, sales and rentals, ticket sales services, planning, consulting and other event services, digital event services, costs of organizing events the event as well as other costs of special services in..

Data in Spaces

In the recently released seventh episode in the podcast series of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Olli-Pekka Rissanen pondered the Commission Data strategy released in early 2020. This initiative also includes,  let’s say, an idea for establishing “Data Spaces” in several key industry sectors – one of those being data space for Public Administration Data...
Data in Spaces

Stop the press!

During 2019, the Finnish public procurement notification channel, better known as Hilma, underwent a transformation. The previous service was closed down in early 2020 and made way for a new, hopefully bolder, service. There were several reasons for this necessary change. First, the previous service was running on outdated technology. Second, the upcoming changes..
Stop the press!

Brace for impact

In public procurement, we are accustomed to the gradual development of legislation and procurement practices. In recent decades, the legislative jungle has changed slowly and in baby steps. Our current 2017 Act on Public Contracts is just an improved version of the 2007 Act. Many things changed only slightly and there was no need for..
Brace for impact

How large is the compensation?

The amount of compensation for the event guarantee depends on the actual and pre-announced reasonable expenses of the event. If the event has to be cancelled due to a decision by the authorities or the law, 85 per cent of the pre-announced actual expenses will be reimbursed. From the actual expenses reported by the subcontractor,..

How is established and professional event organizer defined?

An established, professional event organizer is expected to have a VAT turnover of more than 150,000 euros in 2019. In addition, the company must employ at least one person-year of labour in event activities. A person-year means the amount of work that corresponds to one person’s full-time workload per year. A person-year can also consist..

Which events are covered by the guarantee?

Event guarantee covers public events for more than 200 people, which will be held between 1 June and 7 December 2021, which are not year-round in nature and whose event organizer meets the criteria for a professional event organizer.

Quarterly local government finances published for the first time on the service

The responsibility for collecting the quarterly financial data of municipalities and joint municipal authorities was transferred from Statistics Finland to the State Treasury at the start of 2021. The first actual data on quarterly reported local government finances are now available on the State Treasury’s service. The State Treasury’s service will be expanded..
Quarterly local government finances published for the first time on the service