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State Treasury in a nutshell

The State Treasury is an agency operating under the Ministry of Finance (VM). We are in charge of government borrowing, the investment of cash assets and government debt risk management. “We handle matters seamlessly, swiftly and transparently.” We manage accident compensation payments to government employees, disburse compensation payments to citizens for military injuries and criminal..

The operating principle and values of our agency

Our operating principle The State Treasury is a reliable realiser of the State budget and bold reformer of the State’s operating practices for the good of society and its customers. Our values The State Treasury’s values are the common good, customer relations and well-being and development. These values guide all State Treasury operations. They are..


The State Treasury produces multiple publications on themes such as central government financial and personnel administration, government lending, heritage and exemption issues as well as occupational well-being and risk management. Here you will also find the ‘Uutisia konttorilta’ newsletter (in Finnish) published by the State Treasury as well as our Annual Reports. State Treasury publications by..

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Our operating environment

The State Treasury provides central government organisations with internal services. In this role, our essential strategic objective is to enable savings and growth in productivity in government agencies and institutions. Our methods to these ends include: The development of shared operating methods such as financial and personnel administration operating models and occupational well-being, the development..

Our organisation

The State Treasury consists of three sectors and their support activities. The Director General is in charge of the State Treasury. The Director General, heads of State Treasury divisions and a personnel representative form the management group. Services for Citizens Division The Services for Citizens Division is in charge of matters related to compensation and..

2019 criteria for charges payable for accidents

The statutory accident insurance is based on the Workers’ Compensation Act, which became valid in 2016. According to the act, employees are entitled to compensation for any accidents occurring at work or occupational diseases caused by work. The state does not have this obligation to insure, but government employees do have the same right to..

Questions asked by state officials

Our customer has submitted a claim for compensation. What should we do? First check whether the claim falls under the authority of your agency or that of the State Treasury. If this matter should be handled by the State Treasury, make a decision to transfer the matter to the State Treasury and deliver the decision..

Compensation for health care costs

When a journey abroad is meant to last for over three months, the public official is entitled to compensation for any reasonable personal health care costs. A family member is also similarly entitled to compensation when their stay in the destination country is meant to last for at least six months. The following are compensated..

State Treasury’s contract estate administrators

The State Treasury has made contracts with law offices selected through competitive tendering. These contracts are valid until 31 December 2019, and they cover the following areas: South Karelia, South Savo, the Jokilaakso region, Kanta-Häme, Central Finland, Kymenlaakso, the Oulu region, Pirkanmaa, Ostrobothnia, North Karelia, North Savo, Päijät-Häme, Satakunta, Uusimaa, Varsinais-Suomi SOUTH KARELIA Imatra, Lappeenranta,..

Travel insurance and visa certificates

You can find current forms for those who are about to travel on this page A short official journey has a maximum length of three months, a long official journey has a length of more than three months. An official journey has a length of more than three months when it ends on a date..

Happy Holidays!

We in the State Treasury wish Happy Holidays to all our customers and stakeholders. This year our card is a collage of pictures drawn by children who participated in the Bring Your Child to Work Day in the State Treasury on 23 November 2018.

MoF: Working group recommends organisational reform of government debt management

Source: Ministry of Finance press relelase, 21 September 2018 The working group assessing development needs in government debt management in Finland proposes that debt management and the management of government transactions be transferred to a separate debt office. The amount of central government debt in Finland has doubled since the financial crisis, at a time..

Interruption in the e-service for loan customers has been resolved

18 June 2018 The interruption in the e-service for loan customers has been resolved and the service is now operating normally. 15 June 2018 The e-service for loan customers is temporarily unavailable Logging into the e-service for loan customers is currently not possible due to a temporary service interruption. We apologise for any inconvenience caused..

State Treasury trials out software robotics

The State Treasury was seeking experience and understanding of the possible applications and benefits of software robotics. The goal was to learn about the opportunities offered by the new technology, find out where software robotics could be used and develop the suitability of robotics for State Treasury operations. The software robotics investigation and trial project..