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Monthly Bulletin for Central Government Finances

The Monthly Bulletin for Central Government Finances reports the realisation of the state budget, and the state income, expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flow. It contains the balance calculation of central government finances, the government revenue and expenditure statement, the State’s balance sheet and the funds statement for central government finances, among other things. Since..

The State Treasury on social media

We use social media for networking and sharing information, for example. Participate and follow us! The State Treasury on Facebook > The State Treasury on LinkedIn > The State Treasury on Wikipedia > The State Treasury on Slideshare > The State Treasury on Twitter > Tietokiri on Twitter > The State Treasury on YouTube >..


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Publications on services related to compensation and accidents and other services

Publications on compensations and benefits intended for citizens and communities: The ‘Veteraaniasioiden Kuntakirje’ newsletters (in Finnish) Guidebooks on compensations to invalid war veterans and war veterans Compensation under the Military Injuries Act > Housing improvements under the Military Injuries Act > Guidebooks concerning compensation for damages (in Finnish) Jos töissä sattuu – Valtion korvaamat työtapaturmat..

Final central government accounts

The State Treasury shall present its proposal for the final central government accounts to the Ministry of Finance by the end of March. The Government shall present the Parliament with the Government annual report in the form of a review of the Government’s actions, management of central government finances and adherence to the budget as..

Milestones in history: The 19th century

1809 After hundreds of years of Swedish rule, Finland had been annexed to Russia. The long period of time spent under royal rule had left its mark on the administration and its practices. No diet had been in session for decades, and this left an impact on the organisation of the economy of the state...

Milestones in history: 1900–1970

1 January 1901 New State Treasury regulations (from 1899) governing the State’s cash flow and accounting system come into force. It had already been noticed in the late 1880s that the accounts of state agencies had been neglected, and cash deficits were regularly discovered during audits. Accounting had not been sufficiently centralised. Karl Langenskiöld can..

Milestones in history: The 1980s

1987 In the beginning of March in 1987, the civil department of the State Accident Compensation Office was merged with the State Treasury. The merger had been in the works for more than a decade. The similarity of the tasks between the pensions division at the State Treasury and the civil department of the State..

Milestones in history: The 1990s

1990 The State Pension Fund was established at the beginning of 1990 as the result of the incomes policy negotiation process. The State Pension Fund started its operation in early 1990. The State Pension Fund is a fund operating outside the Budget in accordance with the act on the State Pension Fund. The purpose of..

Milestones in history: 2000–2010

2000 In 2000, the State Treasury was able to finally realise its plan of many years: The funds of the State Pension Fund were assigned to the fund by way of special enactment. At the same time, the fund entered the stock market under its own name. The State Treasury managed the pension fund which,..

Milestones in history: 2011–2018

2011 In 2011, the duties and role of the State Treasury in handling central government pensions were further investigated. Pension functions for individuals were transferred to Keva as of the beginning of 2011. The State Treasury was the first to implement the Kieku data system, at the beginning of 2011. The next stage involved linking..


What is the State Treasury? The State Treasury is an agency operating under the Ministry of Finance (VM). We are in charge of government loans and debt and cash management and we manage central government accounting and accident compensation payments to government employees. We disburse compensation payments to citizens for military injuries and criminal damage,..


The State Treasury serves both central government as well as citizens and communities. Our service commitment: ”We handle matters seamlessly, swiftly and transparently.” Learn more about our services by clicking the links provided or navigating through our menus. Forms can be found on the service page. Compensation and accidents > Financing and loans > Public..

Services related to financing and loans

The State Treasury administers the loans, interest subsidies and government loan guarantees granted from government funds. The State Treasury is also responsible for measures following loan decisions, including loan payment appropriation, collection and guarantee management.

Government debt

The State Treasury has a separate website,, that offers information and statistics on Finland’s central government debt management and credit ratings. Go to > The State Treasury is responsible for central government borrowing, cash management and risk management related to the central government debt. The Ministry of Finance provides the State Treasury with..

State Treasury in Brief

The State Treasury is an agency operating under the Ministry of Finance (VM). We serve central government, citizens, the municipal sector, communities and companies. You can start learning more about the agency by following the link provided or by navigating through the menus. State Treasury in a nutshell >