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The Finnish Parliament has approved the act on electronic billing for procurement units and traders (Laki hankintayksiköiden ja elinkeinonharjoittajien sähköisestä laskutuksesta)

Parliament approved the act on electronic billing for procurement units and traders (Government proposal HE 256/2018 vp). The act will take effect on 1 April 2019, after which it will be applied to central government authorities and the government’s central procurement units. On 1 April 2020, the act will expand to cover other procurement units..

Directors-in-chief and Directors General

Originally, the title of the government employee in charge of the State Treasury was director-in-chief, ‘ylitirehtööri’. This title was used from 1875 to 1940. In addition to other matters, the act on the State Treasury from 1940 decreed on the reform of official titles, making the director-in-chief the director general. Directors-in-chief Frenckell 1875–1879 Otto Reinhold..

Anecdotes from over the years

The State Treasury has seen its share of characters in its time, and there are stories to prove it. This section is a collection of some of those stories passed on to new generations of State Treasury employees through oral tradition. Let’s start with a cartoon published in an American newspaper in 1938 on the..

Breakdown of budgetary accounts

The breakdown of budgetary accounts contains revenue estimates and appropriations. It specifies to which accounting unit the revenue estimates and appropriations, or sections of them, have been allocated as well as the authorities that decide on the use of the appropriations that have not been allocated. The breakdown of budgetary accounts contains references to statutes..

Stipulations and instructions

The page Stipulations and instructions has got content only in Finnish and in Swedish. IN FINNISH: MÄÄRÄYKSET JA OHJEET > IN SWEDISH: FÖRESKRIFTER OCH INSTRUKTIONER > The page Stipulations and instructions includes also the Central Government Accounting Manual (‘Valtion kirjanpidon käsikirja’) but only in Finnish. ‘Valtion kirjanpidon käsikirja’, or the central government accounting manual, serves as a general overview..

Career stories

Sivi Palmén I work as a Finance Specialist in the Front Office of the State Treasury’s Finance Division in tasks involving government debt servicing. As a member of the team I conclude transactions involving government debt issues, government cash management and the group’s currency transactions on the financial markets. I also manage investor relations. The..

The State Treasury as an employer

Are you interested in working with the management of government debt, cash management and financial assets or issues related to statutory governmental pension, accident and indemnity insurance? Approximately 270 experts work on these and other matters at the State Treasury. The work is interesting and involves a broad range of different responsibilities. It also gives..


You can find all vacancies at the State Treasury on this page, the government recruitment service ( and the website of the TE Services ( We often also advertise in Helsingin Sanomat, where you will find all ‘Vaikuta valtiolla’ notices for government vacancies  under the ‘Avoimet virat’ section after the vacancies section. We may also..

E-invoice address

Our e-invoicing details are as follows: STATE TREASURY E-invoicing address/EDI identifier: 003702454401 OpusCapita Solutions, Operator ID: E204503 The State Treasury’s business ID: 0245440-1 VAT number: FI02454401 E-invoice operator: OpusCapita Solutions

Stipulations and instructions web site

This website contains stipulations and instructions relating to the state’s financial management and municipal finances. You can filter search results by first selecting STATE or MUNICIPALITY. In addition, documents can be retrieved by type of document, category or year, as well as by free word search.


The State Treasury was established in 1876 “His Majesty the Emperor had — seen it fit to decree that the cash funds of the state, insofar as they had not been allocated to other authorities, had to be placed in a separate agency by the name of ‘Suomen Valtiokonttori’ (the State Treasury of Finland) established..

Data protection

Data protection at the State Treasury In all its personal data protection activities, it is the objective of the State Treasury to ensure that the rights of data subjects are enforced and that personal information is processed according to legislation and the State Treasury data protection principles. At the State Treasury, personal information is processed..

Publications on public administration services

The State Treasury produces multiple publications for public administration on themes such as central government financial and personnel administration as well as occupational well-being and risk management. Publications concerning financial administration include final central government accounts and the central government accounting manual, ‘Valtion kirjanpidon käsikirja’. We also publish manuals and brochures on claims for compensation, the..

Monthly Bulletin for Central Government Finances

The Monthly Bulletin for Central Government Finances reports the realisation of the state budget, and the state income, expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flow. It contains the balance calculation of central government finances, the government revenue and expenditure statement, the State’s balance sheet and the funds statement for central government finances, among other things. Since..

The State Treasury on social media

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